Monday, 18 October 2010

What Has Caramel Rock been doing for the Community in the Past week??

Hey there Fashion lovers, Its not news to know that Caramel Rock continues to work closely with local commuinties to promote community growth and development.
In its recent bid to foster community relationships, Caramel Rock recently held a workshop that brought 16 disabled children and 14 adults (Teaching assistants) on a fun filled day of fashion, creativity and art.
The workshop which was held on the 13th of October 2010 and lasted from 9:15 pm to 2:15 pm, was designed to allow these disabled kids and adults to experience something new, by means of fashion, and allow them also express their creativity. There were several disbality cases, from deaf and dumb children, behavorial disorder, severe breathing problem cases and so on.

Moving away from the conventional classroom setting, Caramel Rock took these kids and adults to a day of outing where each individual was made to work with a team in order to create magnificent fashion and artworks. The day started with a human sized drawing to be adorned by the kids and adults. They literally dressed the image with colours and fabric of their choice, bringing out the creativity in all the participants.
They then moved on to a photoshoot session in the graden, which again allowed these kids and adults to showcase a bit of creativity in the great outdoors. Images taken were very moving and inspiring, and one of the diasbled kids who uses an oxygen mask beacaue of severe breathing problems, said he was amazingly joyed to be able to step on grass as he has never done that before beacsue of his condition.

This event was extremely helpful to all of the kids, and even noticeable changes were seen during the session. Apart from the smiles and creativity it brought out in these kids, some of the kids with behavorial and aggresive conditions were amazingly focused, calm and co operative becasue of the team and group effort that some of the tasks entailed.
It was an amazing feeling to all those who participated and Caramel Rock aims to continue to carry out continous programs, workshops and activities of this nature to carry on helping communities. Caramel Rock recenly moved to a new studio in Canning town, East london, and as Caramel Rock continues to expand, it also continues to welcome volunteers to its various fashion programs, which helps people with keen fashion interest to gain experience in the fashion industry.
Caramel Rock is planning a fashion trip to Paris, where it aims to take some of its volunteers and workers to the fashion capital of france, in order to gain some experience and see fashion the french away. Succesful completion of that would lead to other trips to Newyork and so on. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on facebook to get real time updates and info.....

Caramel would continue to use Fashion to change communities.....:) So continue to support CaramelRock, and please visit our website and blogs for more info about our new lines and community support activities. #caramelrocks :)
If you would like to be part of this experience, please send an email to
One of the many ways caramel rock continues to help the commmunuty.

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