Saturday, 15 December 2012

Students Portfolio Work

Caramel Rock offers a wide range of courses, inspiring and encouraging youngsters to follow their passions and dreams. Our Fashion course gives students the opportunity to develop stills in fashion design and creation. This portfolio illustrates one student’s extensive work in to her design collection, showing us exactly which elements she focused on and the inspiration for her ideas. Students can be as creative as thy like. They get to choose the colours, material and techniques they wish to use to construct their creations.    

The students are able to incorporate, all the aspects they wish to form their original and creative idea. They go through a process of creating many designs and narrowing it down to their favorite design idea, which they can then create within our workshop, with the help of our team, assisting and encouraging any choices the students make.  Various facilities are available for students to use to create, design and help is also provided to construct their products .

Once students have worked out all of the fundamental aspects of their collection they can focus on their designs and hopefully by the end would have created their very own stunning garment.

Final Piece:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Faith Johnson Guest Dragon at the Peter Jones academy at Newham College other dragons on the panel on the day was Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK, Peter Holbrook.