Saturday, 6 October 2012

What to Wear on a First Date

We have all been there, standing in front of our mirror holding up different dresses to see which looks best whilst the mountain of clothes keep piling up on our bed. Then we have the issue off picking the right shoes and accessories to match the clothing. Stressed!! We have the solution we have picked out the 5 perfect looks for a first date.

Dinner: Keep it simple with a shirt, skirt and a gorgeous pair of heels. This look works great from work hour to cocktail hour

Casual Get together: Wearing a fabulous pair of jeans or trousers and layering it always work best. A look like this is great for any occasion. Finish the look off with a motorcycle jacket or a leather jacket.

Easy, Breezy California Style! Although we live in London and we rarely see the sun when we do this look would be perfect for the summer nights. We see it as an easy, lightweight, not overly styled way of dressing very comfortable and sexy at the same time.

Go Bold if you dare!! The 70s are back, high heels are a must with a jumpsuit. Wear colour  A bright pop or two will certainly catch your date’s attention, just don’t go too crazy with the colour-blocking.

If all end fails, just reach for the trusted LBD forget ‘Diamonds’, the LBD is definitely a Girl’s Best friend. The Little Black Dress always works you can dress it up or down. It can go from day (wear it to the office with a cardigan or blazer and a set of pearls and leather pumps) to -night (take off the blazer or cardigan and add some make-up, jewellery, and heels).