Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY Fashion

                                                                Quick fix to Fashion

So despite the showers that have been pouring for the last two days we are slowly approaching summer, and what better excuse to go shopping. But I have news, what if I was to say you could look good but spend less and still have money clinging in your pockets for a trip to Nando’s on the way home. Gone are the days for spending money like it grows on trees trust me I’ve been there and done that and it’s only left me penniless.

I used to go shopping and not rest until I had no money in my account I would enter the store and leave knowing exactly what I would purchase on my next visit. But as the saying goes New Year new me, I know we’re already halfway through the year, but its better late than never. So here I am with a new approach and I say save, save, save. So join on me on this journey to find the best ways to create a unique outfit and cute accessories to go along with it. Fasten your seat belts, run wild with creativity and let the fun begin.

Instead of splurging on a pair of the American flag denim shorts this summer, I’ll be making my very own. After watching a YouTube video tutorial I am proud to say that I’m certified to go ahead and create a pair of jeans. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Let your mind run free and you’ll be surprised at what ideas will come flooding. Now I’ve got another idea, I’ve got an old plain white t-shirt that’s just holding up space in my wardrobe so why not put it to use. So I’ll be recreating it and adding funky jewellery accessories, any earrings that I have lost along the years would be added to the mix. And the best thing about it is that I’ll be the only one wearing my design and it can’t be found in stores. How unique.

It’s all about investing in the future for me right now. With all this saving I’m doing I just had a vision of the future and it seems bright. I guess I will definitely keep saving. So this summer, just think DIY and you’ll be set to go forward in your future. Let me know how you get along with your designs. If you have any other creative ideas then write a comment below and keep us posted.

This month we’re having a competition we want to see what new designs you could think of. The winner gets to exhibit their design at the Caramel Rock Fashion show at Westfield. If you want to be the winner of the Quick fix to fashion competition then why not create a new design and send  in your image to

We’re looking forward to seeing them :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Caramel Rock Creative Artist Workshop

Date: Tuesday
Time: 4:30-6:00
Cost: £221 per month
Starting date: 17th July 2012
Programme is for 12 months

Are you a makeup artist, a model, a hair stylish or a photographer looking to training? Then do not stress yourself anymore. Caramel Rock is here to help. You get access to our contacts, training, advice, business start up kit, finding and how to fill out funding grant to cover your cost for any makeup equipment, photographer equipment etc, a model portfolio and even a FREE consultation. You also get to do fashion shows and a photo-shoot. Few spaces are available, so BOOK NOW. Contact us now at or send us a facebook message.

Summer fashion classes

Come every Mondays and Fridays to our sewing, design and illustration classes, you will also get the opportunity to be involved in the Westfield show!
From 12:00 to 3:00 pm, it starts on Monday 16 July and finishes on Friday 31st August.

Everybody can come in our workshops so don't hesitate and if you need more info please ask at

See you soon at Caramel Rock Studios