Thursday, 27 May 2010

what is caramel rock

There are so many negative aspects shown in the media about my community, but on the other hand there are so many good people in it. I feel it is becoming my job to bring that out of people, as I am someone who spends every day of my life helping others.

To begin, I hope to introduce art in bringing out peoples inner eye and ability, helping them to appreciate other peoples work as something so simple can be beautiful. I will introduce week-by-week projects furthering people's knowledge, then introducing them to fashion, working with fabric, and helping them to truly understand the human body before they work with fabric. If what I do is a success I will continue what I do through the year, which will enable people to gain more skills and qualities.

The reason why it is a Fashion and Arts Project is because there are a team of young colleagues that also run this project with the skills not only in Fashion but also Dance and Drama, which are both forms of Art. This will be introduced in future sessions.

My main focus is working with youths, particularly with those who feel uninspired and de motivated with any activity the find themselves doing. I will also welcome any one who would like to learn. I love working with children and would also plan to work with the older generation. I feel I can also learn from people who are older than me who appreciate, creating which is why I would like to work with an older generation teaching them what I know later on in the course.

Giving my community a purpose will motivate them, and keep there priorities straight and can develop their potential to succeed. I want to equip people with the knowledge of skills and qualities which can help them with employment later on in life. It's about inspiring people to do something for themselves (investing in people).

A lot of investment is put into 2012 Olympics, but this is something else which can reach out to different kind of people leading up to that, its showing an interest to not only athletes.

As I am still a young person learning I hope to bring in guest teachers with qualifications, which can help them within different fields.

I had a place at one of the worlds best universities for Art and Design, St Martin's University of Art and Design. With the knowledge and contacts I have made I hope to bring that to my community, showing them a wider range to the industry.

The Garden Café is a welcoming place and has done a lot for my community, which is why I feel it is the best place for me to hold the sessions. The things I do and the things they do are so similar which is why together we can do so many great things.

Not only is this a clothing line but it is a welcoming place for everyone to come along and learn.

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