Tuesday, 20 September 2011

LFW A/W 11 Caramel Rock

Fashion week hit the streets of London last week and again never failed to measure up to expectations. What a colourful event it was with designers like Vivienne Westwood,Belle Sauvage, House of Holland, Marios Schwab,Matthew Williamson and last years fashion week favourite Craig Lawrence gracing us with their personal masterpeices that van goth would envy.To be honest the list could go on and on all the way down a very long catwalk. However, it was this years new edition to fashion week that pulled my strings and that was, Caramel Rock. Caramel Rock, for those who are unaware combines its support for outreach project with its desire for fashion. A unique combination, i know, but do not underestimate the brand because it has all the authority of high end couture and the attitude that screams 'fabulous darling'.

The fashion show for Caramel Rock arrived and like any fashion show, backstage was beautifully caotic. Automatically i had a starring role in the Golden age movie ' Attack of the 50 foot women' except these beautifully and incredibly tall models that surrounded me were no more a danger to me than they were to my self esteem. Note to self fashion week is not for the faint hearted and green is not my colour.

The day was very long and consisted of catwalk run through's, make artists, hair stylists and a wardrobe team running around like headless chickens attempting to make the models more beautiful, as if that was even remotely possible.

The collection itself suprised me the most. For weeks I had sat in the studio and stared in awe of these designs that sat on lifeless mannequins but as soon as they touched skin they came alive.

11 oclock hit, Runway was packed and it was show time. The models had slipped into their outfits and in the words of Tyra Banks they looked incredibly FIERCE!!!

We all loved it!!!

check out the images above incase you missed out....

Sekai Mulwanda(Caramel Rock)

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